Our Specialties


Farm Land has been a specialty of ours since the beginning. We have gained the experience of what type of land will work best for a particular crop. Recognition of areas that have low elevation, different soil types, and environmentally sensitive areas can mean the difference between success and failure.


The nursery business is one of the largest industries in Florida. The demands of proper growing conditions are essential. The use of shade houses, container nurseries, and field nurseries all present different growing conditions. We have had many years of experience handling these types of properties. We work with some of the largest nurseries in Florida.

Developement Land

Being located in an urban county, we are very familiar with developement requirements. Master Plans, Urban Developement Boundaries, and different types of Zoning are all areas in which we are versed. Today’s environmental concerns, water and sewer availability, infrastructure planning, and permitting requirements are areas we have kept abreast of in South Florida.

Cattle Ranches

Rieder Realty’s first introduction to cattle operations was when we had our branch office in Polk County in the 1970’s. Acreage suitable for grazing depends on the carrying capacity on the land. The many varieties of grasses are important in determining the carrying capacity of a ranch. Native or improved pasture, availability of water, and the types and amount of forage will influence the viability of a cattle operation. A typical cow/calf operation can be a good way to hold property while waiting for the property to appreciate.

Recreation Land

Recreation land is becoming increasingly popular. It offers the opportunity to enjoy the best of the outdoors on your own property. Driving time is usually a factor in selecting a recreation property. Amenities such as a lake, stream, lush forested area, and abundent game are all important considerations. We have camped, hiked, canoed, and hunted many areas of Florida which helps give us the critical eye to select the best property. In selling, it enables us to best demonstrate the amenities of a property.

Citrus Groves

Our early real estate experience in Central Florida has given us knowledge of citrus and the citrus industry. Citrus has grown from a National to an International business. Buying Florida citrus has become much more complicated over the years. Varieties, irrigation type, cold areas, soil types, and elevation are more important than ever. We are able to give buyers and sellers knowledgeable advice on buying and selling citrus properties.

Conservation Easements

Conservation easements may be an excellent way to recover the cost of your land and continue to own it. This is an opportunity to help preserve natural areas while allowing you to still have use of your property. There are many different types of Conservation Easements, each having a different set of requirements for eligibility. There are Federal, State, County, and Water Management District easements. These easements may provide tax benefits at the time of the sale and reduce annual property taxes. Rieder Realty has worked on Conservation Easements throughout Florida since the programs inception.